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What's A Moroccan caftan? What Takchita That?

What's A Moroccan caftan? What Takchita That?

The Moroccan caftan, is worn for celebrations, particularly weddings. There are stylish style that can be worn for party wear of wedding dress in Morocco.

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The Moroccan Caftan or Kaftan is a Moroccan robe that Moroccan women wear to special events such as weddings and birthdays. The Moroccan caftan has gained popularity after being introduced to the world by major clothing lines and designers through fashion.

What is the difference between a Moroccan caftan and Takchita?

Often, non-Moroccan and Moroccan caftan designers confuse Takchita, so they do not know the difference between a Takchita and caftan, they call all Moroccan caftan. The truth is that Moroccan women and stylists from the Moroccan culture make the difference between the two:

Takchita: a two-piece dress consists of two parts, a Tahtiya which is the first layer (simple traditional caftan without ornaments), and Fouqia or dfina, the second layer, a caftan is often open and transparent with many beautiful embroideries and embellishments.

A Takchita is usually worn with a Mdamma (belt) or silk or gold or silver with gems (diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald)

Caftan: a one-piece dress usually worn without Mdamma (belt).


The Moroccan caftan has its roots in the Persian heritage brought to North Africa by Arab conquerors. The Moroccan caftan is a cultural heritage resulting from multiple civilizations that took place in Morocco during the past centuries. Many cultures have contributed to the creation of the Moroccan culture, the Berber culture, Arab culture, Andalusian culture.

Women in North Africa including Morocco and Algeria are the Moroccan caftan at home and special events. Moroccan caftan is the equivalent of Abaya in the Middle East.


Before the 1990s, the Moroccan caftan was unknown in the world, but it has gained popularity due to:

Moroccan diaspora: Moroccan emigrants and their descendants estimated 4.5 million people living abroad. These emigrants brought the Moroccan caftan with their culture in Western countries.

Fashion: There are many shows and fashion shows around the world who introduced the Moroccan caftan and Takchita as the main theme of the night.

Among these shows:

- Caftan 2009, broadcast on Fashion TV

- Caftan 2012: Held at the Palais des Congres in Marrakech. This event was broadcast on national Moroccan 2M station.

- Moroccan Caftan Show: Held in London

-Caftan 2013: broadcast on national Moroccan 2M station.

Stylists and designers: The first designers of haute couture to import the Moroccan caftan and Takchita in their catalogs were Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, JP Gautier and Christian Lacroix.

The Moroccan royal family: The royal family is known to be very proud of the Moroccan caftan and Takchita, mostly in international events where the cameras are pointed. The majority of Moroccan Princess Lalla Salma consider to be the most shining star of the royal family that represents the culture of Moroccan Caftan worldwide.

Now that the Moroccan caftan and Takchita were introduced to the world, designers and stylists are rushing to include them in their catalogs.

The golden age of Moroccan caftan and Takchita

After the Moroccan caftan made his breakthrough in the fashion world, many stars have appeared to wear in big events.

Hillary Clinton wearing a Moroccan caftan

While she was visiting the Kingdom of Morocco, Hillary Clinton, has been the discovery of a new style of clothing, the Moroccan Kaftan

Hillary Clinton with King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Hillary Clinton and Princess Lalla Meyem wearing a Moroccan caftan

Beyonce wears a stylish Moroccan Kaftan

Beyonce wearing a beautiful Moroccan caftan

The American star Jessica Simpson wearing a Moroccan caftan for Halloween

Susan Sarandon, American actress and Oscar winner has a stylish traditional Moroccan caftan.

Celebrities and Stars in Moroccan caftan and Takchita>
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