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takschita 2013

Marylin Monroe, Kahina, Marie Antoinette, Nefertiti, Oum Kalthoum, Coco Chanel and many other women who strongly influenced the history revived thanks to the genius of the Moroccan talent. This May 4, 2013, Marrakech hosted the 17th edition of one of the key events couture "caftan" where glamor, tradition and modernity, beauty and charisma were the watchwords of a breathtaking show. Momentum Moroccan creativity can only go hand in hand with maturity until Caftan reached after seventeen years of existence.

If the previous edition, Caftan we chose to dive into the world of the great traveler Ibn Battuta, this year it is the women who are legends in the spotlight. It must be said that this notion of travel is always present and with "Woman of Legend" which is the theme of this 17th edition, the designers are heavily inspired by the time when each of these women made history with their beauty, talent, strength and finesse. "These fascinating women wrote their fabulous or tragic in gold and sometimes blood. The woman is neither a complement of man, nor his half, the woman is society. It is a tribute to the idea that Caftan 2013 chose this theme offering to fashion an exciting and inexhaustible source of inspiration, "says Khalid Bazid, director of media group characters, also the conductor of caftan since 2007.
How could we imagine keys women like Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel and Marie Antoinette on a Moroccan caftan? The idea may seem more inconceivable, however, and extreme refinement, the Iron Ladies have been dressed in Moroccan caftan without the latter losing its authenticity. That is to say how this traditional dress can flirt with other civilizations and cultures without distorting be because this year, embroidery, beading, working Mâalem, overlays, wedding colors and fabrics are trendy.
They were 15 designers to play the game to give a real journey over time and to combine fantasy and glamor distant to contemporary trends. The result was to put it mildly stunning especially as the artistic director of this year's parade is none other than the great choreographer Malika Zaidi. Undisputed leader in the field of scenic and rhythmic delivery, Malika Zaidi has orchestrated the most prestigious international shows and has accompanied such stars as Puff Daddy, 5cts Germain Jackson, Keny West, Craig David, Gypsy King. His work is a marvel, the groom to see the large class inspired by the Moroccan caftan and glamorous theme of this edition is another.
So this year, the caravan Kaftan has chosen to make its 17th stop an unprecedented journey through time, offering the public to discover the magic of civilizations and characters whose soul was able to live each creation so classy, extremely subtle and elegant. It is this Moroccan style that has earned a reputation Caftan through the four corners of the world. This year, to see the genius and creativity of the young falls, bet more shine is undoubtedly won. One thing is for sure, this event is no longer just a parade where they showcases the delicacy and beauty of the Moroccan caftan, but it has become the benchmark for fine Moroccan fashion. It is now registered in the global agendas of haute couture. A true ode to elegance.

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